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2007-2008 Academic Year

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498   Professional Practice   1 sem. hr.; may be repeated during different semesters for a total of 3 s.h.

Supervised work experience within the Physics Teacher Education program.

Prerequisite: Admission by permission only. Student must have intermediate-level physics background consisting of intermediate classical mechanics, and intermediate electricity & magnetism or introductory quantum mechanics, or the equivalent. This includes mathematics through Calculus III.


Name: Carl J. Wenning, Coordinator
Physics Teacher Education Program
Office Location: Moulton Hall, Room 322
Office Hours: drop in or by appointment
Telephones: (309) 438-2957 (office); 454-4164 (home); 830-4085 (cell)
e-mail address:


Graduate students will assist with preparation and presentation of undergraduate physics teacher education course lessons (PHY 209, 302, 310, 311, 312, 353, STT 399.72), mentor students, score student work, supervise student teaching, and assist program director with course and program improvements. Graduate students as “teachers in residence” will serve as reality checks for the undergraduate physics teacher education sequence in accord with the external review process prescribed by the National Science Teachers Association and that is part of the NCATE program review process.

Professional Practice Goals:

One goal of this course is to provide in-service science teachers with a mechanism for improving their professional practice. A second goal is to prepare individuals who desire to become engaged in the physics teacher education process at the university level as a career move.


By the conclusion of the semester, the in-service teacher will have completed the following activities:

Summer Semester

Autumn Semester

Spring Semester

Evaluation & Grading:

The grade for Professional Practice will be set using a holistic grading rubric, and will include a detailed written review of graduate student work by program coordinator.

participation (completion of work)

written recommendation