PHY 370 Advanced Experimental Physics


Fall 2017             (1 semester hour)

MLT 304, Time TBA


Instructor:     George Rutherford, MLT 308-A

                        438-2934         ghr  -AT-

                        Office Hours  TBA

                        Lab:  MLT 304


Text:               No text is required.


Electronic Notebook:  

We will be using a Google drive as our electronic lab notebook.  Use this location to record your activities and ideas, and create folders to hold other materials such as datasheets, application notes, journal articles, diagrams, and pictures. Please send me your desired email address (gmail is ok but not required) and I'll give you access to your group's folder.



            This course is designed to give undergraduate physics majors experience with more complicated experiments, methods, and equipment.  It is also designed to teach entrepreneurial skills and mindset for those students and projects that lend themselves to development and possible marketing of an innovative device or method.  Students choose a project and either use existing equipment or design and build new apparatus to test.  The work culminates in both a written and oral report at the end of the semester.



            Students who successfully complete this course will:



Student Expectations:





            In each of the first few weeks, we will meet for a single 50-minute period each week and discuss the following topics:



Your lab journal entries during this period should indicate your understanding of these concepts (regardless of your project’s nature) and give your initial application of them to your idea (assuming you are developing a new product).  Later entries should draw on these concepts as necessary.


After you have settled on an idea and formed your group, the remainder of the semester will be spent developing and implementing your work plan.  You should plan to spend a minimum of 3 hours each week in the lab or shop and at least 2 hours per week working outside of class.  The schedule for end of semester presentations will be announced later.




            Your grade will be determined by the following breakdown of assignments:



I will monitor your Google drive throughout the semester and give you regular feedback.  Your work in the lab/shop will be evaluated on a combination of your dedication and timeliness, and the quality and innovation of your work.  The final report and final presentation will be evaluated on a combination of the quality and clarity of the report/presentation (about two-thirds) and the quality (and success!) of the outcome of the project.