Physics 355 - Spring 2012                  

Solid State Physics

Class: MLT 309, MWF 3 - 3:50

Dr. David T. Marx

Office: Moulton 312F
M-F 11 - Noon. Other office hours by appointment or just drop in

Phone: 438 - 5382    or    e-mail:


Course Materials

Syllabus (pdf)


Lecture Materials

1. Symmetry (ppt)

2. Diffraction

3. Bonds & Bands

4. Band Theory I , Band Theory II, LCAO Method Applied to Graphene

5. Metals

6. Phonons I, Phonons II, Phonons III, and Phonons IV

7. Semiconductors

8. Semiconductor Devices I, Semiconductor Devices II, Photvoltaics

9. Magnetism I, Magnetism II, Magnetism III

10. Superconductivity Part I, Part II, and Part III

11. Nanomaterials


Web Links

Web Elements - Periodic Table

The Nature of the Chemical Bond - The Story of Linus Pauling

Energy Band Theory

Crystal Structures and Planes

Three-dimensional Simulations of Phonon Modes (ISU Physics in Action!)

Phonon Dispersion Tutorial

A cool Fermi-Dirac Applet

Britney Spears' Guide to Semiconductors

PBS Special - Transistorized!

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