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founded Spring Semester 2012

The purpose the Illinois State University Beekeeping Club is to promote interest in honey bees and beekeeping by educating students and the public with safe, responsible, and effective apiary management practices, and by raising awareness of environmental, economic, social, and political issues that affect beekeepers and the honey bees. 

Club Constitution

Membership & Dues - Membership is open to anyone with an interest in beekeeping be they ISU student or a member of the surrounding community. Membership dues are $5 per person per semester payable ($10 per academic year) at the time of the September and January meetings. A registered student organization, only ISU students may serve as officers and only university faculty or staff may serve as advisors.

News & Events - Lots and lots is happening. Click on the News & Events link to the upper left of this page for details.

Beekeeping Course - The club now holds one Introduction to Beekeeping workshop each year. Click on the Beekeeping Course link to the upper left of this page for details. The meeting are commonly held at the Cooperative Extension Service in Bloomington and free round-trip transportation is provided to ISU students (only) from and to campus.

Meetings - Don't miss out on current activities. We hold general membership meetings 6 times each year (September, October November, February, March, and April), but our meetings are busy, productive, and informative, and lead to lots of optional activities. Click on the Club Meetings link to the upper left of this page for details.

Facebook - Keep up with club events through our Facebook page.

History - Keep a watch for our article "Sustainability & Beekeeping" that will appear in the May or June 2014 issue of American Bee Journal. It will provide a detailed history of the club's founding along with lots of great photographs.

Affiliations - We are officially affiliated with the Illinois State Beekeepers Association.

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Officers - The officers and duties for each office are as follows:


The club president is responsible for setting and monitoring the goals of the club, running club meetings using Robert's Rules of Order, appointing committee chairs and delegating tasks as necessary, recruiting, training and retaining members and maintaining regular communication with the vice president.

Vice President

The role of the club vice president can be summarized in one word: service. The vice president serves the president, other club officers, committees and the general membership. The vice president is also expected to learn the duties of the president in order to fill in or take over as necessary. The Vice President is responsible for keeping the membership informed about important activities, opportunities and deadlines of the club. The V.P. is also responsible for advertising club events.


The secretary is one of the most demanding positions in the organization and a good secretary is essential to the proper functioning of any club. The secretary is responsible for taking minutes, keeping records and maintaining all important files for the club. The secretary works closely with the Vice President to ensure that club members are fully informed, and that members of the general public find out about our public events.


The club treasurer maintains the club’s accounting, collection of funds, and deposit of these funds. (As an ISU registered student organization, disbursement of funds is the joint responsibility of the president and faculty advisor.) The treasurer collects member dues, assists with the preparation of a budget (if any) and monitors the budget and maintains accurate financial records.

Faculty Advisor

The roles that the faculty advisor plays are many and varied, and the club sets the role and expectations for faculty advisors. The faculty advisor must work cooperatively with the club president and treasurer in the disbursement of funds.

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For additional information, contact webmaster Carl Wenning, faculty advisor, member of the ISU Physics Department

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